Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

We are scouting for Christmas
Trees already, so when the snow
flies we can take the snowmobiles
after one.
This one looks perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie said...

You guys are the best at finding trees!!! Have you found a good one?? We want to go with you sometime riding before winter sets in. I love you photography, you are great at landscapes. Love,

Ashley Jackson said...

We enjoyed all the new pictures. The new little truck looks like fun, you guys are always up to something new. We'll have to get down there to look for trees next month. Looks like you guys found some good ones!:)

Burgundy said...

Hi, I was excited when I stumbled across your blog. You guys are the best, I want to go for a ride in your new little truck. I love it.

Mickell Schena said...

Well I am glad that Burg told me that you guys have a blog. I love your fitness part. I am ordering those pills. If you are around on Thanksgiving come and run the path, its the Gobble Gallop. I think the world of you and Chuck.
P.S Have you guys been to Delta latley?